Cancer Kills More Pets Than Humans
12 million pets are diagnosed each year
Helping Animals is Critical
Morris Animal Foundation began funding animal health studies in 1948
30+ Active Pet Cancer Studies
We are studying more than 15 types of pet cancer
Your Support Makes a Difference
Donors have helped us invest more than $17 million to study pet cancer
We Are Committed to Beating Pet Cancer
We are funding scientists at 16 different universities


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To Fight Pet Cancer

By filling out a brief survey, you can participate in the scientific process and provide greater insight into the prevalence of cancer.


To Fight Pet Cancer

Learn about some of the cancers affecting pets.
Unite to Fight Pet Cancer
Every pet deserves a long, healthy life. Unfortunately, this isn't the reality. Cancer is a leading cause of death in dogs and cats. In fact cancer is diagnosed in cats and dogs about 10 times more often than it is in humans each year.

Cancer is a genetic disease, but it isn't always heritable. This means that cancer arises when changes in a cell’s genetic code lead to uncontrolled cell growth. Some individuals have an inherited tendency to develop these genetic changes, but other factors, such as the environment, also play a role in whether a person or animal develops cancer.

To help fight this disease and save our beloved pets, Morris Animal Foundation launched Unite to Fight Pet Cancer to highlight the devastating effects of pet cancer and the immediate need for increased research funding.

With your support, we can expand the reach and scope of the pet cancer studies that are funded. Please consider joining the movement and Unite to Fight!
What We Are Doing to Fight Pet Cancer
Cancer is the No. 1 disease in pets which is why Morris Animal Foundation has funded hundreds of cancer studies. Our research has led to more effective treatments, better diagnostic tools and identification of genetic risk factors—all of which are helping owners and veterinarians prevent and treat cancer in pets.

With more than 30 active cancer studies as well as the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, our commitment to fighting pet cancer is stronger than ever. Our 2014 funding supports science and genetics research, cutting-edge cancer studies, clinical trials of potential treatments and training programs for new scientists.

Morris Animal Foundation's Funding By the Numbers
30+ Active Cancer Studies in 2014
8 Types of Canine Cancer Studied in 2014
5 Types of Feline Cancer Studied in 2014
$17 Million + Invested in Pet Cancer Studies
16 No. Universities Funded
How You Can Help
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Take part in the scientific process by filling out a brief survey to provide us with greater insight into the prevalence of cancer. Complete the Five-Question Survey

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Non-Hodgkin lymphoma is a common and well-known type of human cancer that also affects dogs and cats. Lymphoma can take many different forms, from single solid tumors to aggressive blood cancer, in animals. Join us as we discuss this common and potentially deadly disease, and learn how Morris Animal Foundation is supporting research into this important family of cancers. Register

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