Unite to Fight Pet Cancer
Your support makes a difference
Donors have allowed us to invest more than $18 million to study pet cancer
We are here to save lives
Morris Animal Foundation began funding animal health studies in 1948
Cancer kills more pets than humans
12 million cats and dogs are diagnosed each year
We are committed to fight pet cancer
This year alone we have invested nearly $1 million fighting pet cancer
We hate pet cancer
That’s why we have researchers studying 14 different types of cancer
of $375,000 Goal


Unite to Fight Pet Cancer - Join our Virtual Walk - June 28


What You Need To Know

Cancer doesn’t have to take the one’s we love. Get the latest information about pet cancer prevention and treatments.


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Uniting to Fight Pet Cancer
Welcome to one of the largest, most impactful efforts in the world to help find the needed answers around pet cancer.

In its second year, Morris Animal Foundation’s Unite to Fight Campaign is focused on taking a stand around the belief - and the hope - that pet cancer doesn’t have to take the ones we love.

This year, our goal is to educate pet parents around their critically important roles of knowing the pet cancer warning signs. Prevention can save lives! Additionally, we are seeking to raise $375,000 to help accelerate the cutting-edge research that is needed to advance our knowledge of pet cancer.

Ready to Unite to Fight? Explore our website for the information you need to be your pet’s best friend and advocate.
How We Are Fighting Pet Cancer
Cancer accounts for nearly 50% of all disease-related pet deaths each year, which is why Morris Animal Foundation continues to invest in research to help uncover answers. Our research has led to more effective treatments, better diagnostic tools and identification of genetic risk factors—all of which are helping owners and veterinarians prevent and treat cancer in pets.

In 2015, with more than 40 active cancer studies funded, including our Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, our commitment to fighting pet cancer is stronger than ever. Our Foundation-funded research ranges from basic science and genetics to cutting-edge cancer studies, conducting clinical trials of potential treatments and training of new scientists.

Morris Animal Foundation's Investment by the Numbers
40+ Active Cancer Studies in 2014
10 Types of Canine Cancers Studied
4 Types of Feline Cancers Studied
= $18 Million + to Study Pet Cancer
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Donate to Fight
For a short time, the Blue Buffalo Company will double the fight against pet cancer by matching all donations up to $50,000. Click here to make a difference.

Unite together and walk your dog in our Virtual Walk on June 28, 2015 to help end pet cancer. Registration details are coming in mid April!

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Blue Buffalo Unites to Fight Pet Cancer
This spring, Morris Animal Foundation has teamed up with The Blue Buffalo Foundation for Cancer Research for its annual Pet Cancer Awareness campaign. As part of this campaign, the Blue Buffalo Company will match all unrestricted donations to the campaign, up to $50,000.

Since 2006, the Blue Buffalo Foundation for Cancer Research has donated nearly $5.4 million to Morris Animal Foundation. Their support has helped us fund 29 companion animal cancer studies, including those that evaluated new therapy for feline oral cancer, improved our understanding of how bone cancer spreads and determined how to tailor chemotherapy treatments. Blue Buffalo is also a platinum sponsor of the Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, the largest canine study ever conducted in veterinary medicine, and a leading funder of the Osteosarcoma Project, a Foundation initiative designed to help understand the metastasis of cancer.

We are thankful for partners like the Blue Buffalo Foundation for Cancer Research, and the Blue Buffalo Company for helping us create a brighter, healthier future for animals. Their continued support helps us fund the best science to advance animal health.