Unite to Fight Pet Cancer
Thank You!
The virtual walk on June 22nd, 2014 was a great success!
$52,488 of $60,000 Goal
About the Virtual Walk
Morris Animal Foundation's Unite to Fight Virtual Pet Cancer Walk is a virtual fundraising campaign in which participants pledge to take their pets for a walk on June 22, 2014. When you Unite to Fight, you honor dogs and cats that have fought cancer, and you join the world in a bigger fight by supporting pet cancer research through Morris Animal Foundation.

Every pet deserves a long, healthy life. Unfortunately, this isn't the reality. Cancer ends the lives of more dogs and cats than any other disease. Nearly 6 million new cat cancer diagnoses are made each year and cancer is one of the leading causes of death in dogs. By participating in and fundraising for the Unite to Fight Virtual Pet Cancer Walk, you can help increase Morris Animal Foundation's capacity to invest in science that will help prevent and treat cancer in pets.

Make a pledge to Unite to Fight Pet Cancer on June 22. Sign up and start fundraising today to help pets enjoy longer, healthier lives.
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    Raised: $3,405
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    Raised: $2,067
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    Raised: $1,600
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    Raised: $1,380
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    Raised: $1,020